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The products in this department are in removal products and sold as long as the goods last in inventory. Some of them have been in product development testing only, therefore, little used. Some of the products may be unused. Mepu does not offer guarantee for products sold under this category and is not prepared to supply spare parts, but will assist the procurement of spare parts.

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Gearmotor 1,5 kW 274 RPM

Product no.: 923315_1


Gear box motor 223 r/min.

Product no.: 983122


Gearmotor 1,5 kW 274 RPM (mirror image)

Product no.: 923315_2


Gear motor 2,2 kW 264 RPM

Product no.: 923316


Axial fan AIRLANCO 28" 10HP (7,5kW) TEAO-GALV. 50hz 380/415V

Product no.: 40301106

3,170.00 €

EKI electric heater 9,6 kW

Product no.: 510027


Axial fan Ziehl-Abegg 5,5, kW DN56V-2DF.G7.19.H

Product no.: 923745


Steel grating 1000 x 2000 mm

Product no.: 805182c


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